We are partnered with Standard Process to help you achieve optimal health and wellness through proper nutrition. There are so many different kinds of supplements on the market that choosing a supplement can be confusing. Thompson Chiropractic & Wellness Center, LLC and Standard Process work with you to reach your goals by providing product guidance to expand your knowledge of whole food nutrition and herbs.

After reviewing the link below, please call our office to schedule a nutritional consultation and/or to order supplements.

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Foot Levelers is now the leading provider of individually designed Functional orthotics (provides structural support yet allows the foot to retain a full range of motion) as well as other healthcare products. Functional orthotics have always had a distinguishing functionality from all others and their motive has remained the same for over 60 years. Foot Levelers provides orthotics that are individually designed to each patient. Feet, gait pattern and postural makeup in the human body are all different, which is why each pair of Functional orthotics is engineered specifically to each patient.

Please feel free to contact our office to schedule and assessment for your custom orthotics.