“I started chiropractic care with Dr. Thompson in 2006 after a discectomy and C5-6 fusion. I had other bulging discs and wanted to keep them manageable and delay any future surgeries. Since I had poor outcomes with other chiropractors, I was a bit leery. After 13 years, I've had no additional surgeries and I am pain free most of the time. I tell my friends and family that Dr. Thompson is my miracle worker. No surgeries and no pain meds - her technique is superior to other chiropractors I visited in the past. Dr. Thompson has also helped me with health issues that were not spine-related. Aside from amazing skills and knowledge, Dr. Thompson is truly caring, considerate and attentive. I highly recommend her to anyone with bulging/herniated discs or other musculoskeletal problems.” ”

Diane G., DrPH, MPH, Silver Spring, Maryland

Dr Thompson is an extraordinary person and chiropractor, she is a kind and compassionate healer who has an amazing ability to sense and connect energetically with her patients.
Dr. Thompson is not afraid to think outside the box in order to assist each individual patient on their path to wellness.’”

Janet B., Baltimore, Maryland

“Dr. Thompson is a gift. I have seen chiropractors in the past which make me feel like I'm in a factory — Dr. Jean Thompson spends her time and focuses on me and my whole body — not just my back.

She discovers where I'm getting in my own way and, through an elegant combination of adjustment, massage, and stretch, creates ease in my body. She not only has helped me with back, knee, and hip pain but she helps open my sinuses, relax tightness in my neck and even helps my digestion.

I swear that I am 2 inches taller every time we meet! I am so grateful for the work that Dr. Thompson does and recommend her to my friends, family and patients!”

Samantha K., LAc, Licensed Acupuncturist

“We first met Dr. Thompson in the fall of 2008 when we were meeting with her to discuss if cranial treatments could help our then four-year old with torticollis. Prior to meeting Dr. Thompson, we had been on a roller-coaster of meeting treatment providers who felt they could help. Often what ended up happening is that our son did not respond to the treatments, so when another doctor asked us to meet with Dr. Thompson because she believed cranial treatments would help him. Understandably, we were skeptical. I didn't think anyone could help him and that this was just another dead end. In our meeting, Dr. Thompson asked for us to give her a chance by committing to three treatment sessions. At the end of the third treatment, Dr. Thompson compared photos we had taken the first treatment to that day; there was a noticeable difference. Not only was chiropractic care helping our son, Dr. Thompson was different than other treatment providers we had tried. She cared about my son as a person, not just as a child with a birth defect.”

That was eleven years ago, and my son still sees Dr. Thompson, although now he calls her "Dr. Jean" and occasionally he's been known to slip and call her "Aunt Jean," but it's because she cares about him. Over the years, Dr. Thompson, "Dr. Jean," "Aunt Jean" has always been a doctor of chiropractic who cares not just about the physical well-being of her patients, but their emotional health as well. Even in the most difficult times of trying to help our son, Dr. Thompson was always researching, studying, looking for ways to help this little boy who now proudly has overcome his birth defects and just goes to Dr. Thompson for "tune-ups." As for me, as mom, from day one I was the toughest critic with Dr. Thompson, but now I could not be any more thankful. Every milestone that has helped my son have a victory which he overcame the obstacles has been celebrated by Dr. Thompson being part of his "cheerleaders" and maintenance provider.”

Dawn C., Columbia, Maryland

“Truly grateful to have found Thompson Chiropractic and Wellness Center. I spent many months with several practices searching for a chiropractor who I felt could provide the level of expertise and commitment required to support my personal, complex needs; Dr. Thompson exceeds expectations on all levels and is dedicated to supporting her clients wellness goals. I refer everybody I know to 

Thompson Chiropractic and Wellness Center for chiropractic care that can really improve quality of life.”

Bryan W., Woodbine, Maryland

“Dr. Thompson is passionate and dedicated to the wellness of her clients. She has gone above and beyond for our family to ensure we receive the best care and ample resources to further our health journey. Dr. Thompson has consulted with additional health professionals outside her scope of practice to ensure continuity of care for our daughter. Her gentle, but playful demeanor is one of the many reasons our 5 year old daughter admires Dr. Thompson so immensely. We appreciate her beyond words! ”

Nicole R., Elkridge, Maryland

“I first heard about Dr Jean from a friend of mine who swore she had healing powers and after another friend of mine went to her and decided she wanted to marry her, I said okay maybe I need to go check her out also!.”

That was 7 years ago and I have been a full believer in Dr Jean since then. I drive at least an hour each way to get to my appointments and it is well worth it for my overall well-being.

Dr Jean listens to everything and remembers small nuances that many other doctors would not. She has soft hands and a soothing demeanor and approaches every session with a systematic methodology.

Dr Jean has helped me immensely by finding the root cause of an issue that other Doctors have not found and then working to solve that root cause issue. She uses adjustment techniques, but also uses other techniques if you aren't comfortable with what we all think of as an "adjustment ". I had long standing lower back discomfort which she has solved and also a neck issue which I didn't even know I had. Dr Jean sent me to get an MRI for my neck and then helped set me up with exercises and a traction device to help mitigate the pain from that which has also made a big difference in my well-being.

I would, and have recommended, Dr Jean to many of my friends and anyone else who will listen!”

Judy G., Accokeek, Maryland

“My whole family goes to see Dr. Jean! Jean Thompson's kind, caring demeanor puts all of us right at ease. Her expertise, intuition, skilled technique, competence, and vast knowledge helps us to move through life in better health. I've been bringing my grandchildren to see her since they were just learning to walk, and now even my 6 year old knows when things are out of sorts and says "I need to see Dr. Jean!". Donna, her receptionist, is wonderful too! She is efficient, caring, and fun! She keeps the office running smoothly and alleviates worry by making sure everyone has their appointments in place well in advance. With the office located centrally, great people, and affordable pricing I wouldn't go anywhere else! Thanks, Dr. Jean!”

Debbie J-G., Columbia, Maryland